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Original Gate Remote Control Units

Whenever you need an electric gate remote replacement, a key fob for electric gates or pedestrian gates, or a new electric gate keypad for your electric gate opener, Kode Access will have you covered. We have a wide inventory of swing and sliding gate remote control replacement units for the most popular manufacturers, to complement your modern swing gate design. Please feel free to browse across our auto gate keypad and gate fobs for sale. If ever you can’t find the keypad gate long or gate fob replacement you need, please send us a message, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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How Does a Gate Remote Control Work?

A garage, swing gate or sliding gate remote control is programmed to emit a unique, digitally encoded radio signal to communicate with your gate’s receiver. Unlike traditional TV remotes that use infra-red signals, you won’t need to point your key fob directly to the signal receiver—that’s the significant advantage of radio signals.

In order to work with specific hardware, it needs to be programmed to communicate with the particular control unit for your gate’s motor. Almost all automatic gate motors come with their own remote controllers that will only operate with that specific brand of gate operator and will not work with other brands unless a compatible receiving unit is installed.

Signal Range

Most automated gate motors can work up to 20 metres from inside a car, though this distance may be reduced owing to a metal fence or other obstructions that reduce the signal. An extension antenna, which can be erected above the metal fence, can usually boost the range up to 50 metres, especially in the open air.

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Kode Access makes it a point to stock the most sought-after gate remotes and keypads for your convenience. We stand behind all the products we sell and provide impeccable customer service whenever needed. Please get in touch with us today with any enquiries regarding your automatic gate remotes and keypads.