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Kode Access is pleased to be your one-stop-shop for all your sliding gate automation needs. We currently have a large inventory of sliding gate motors to suit each need and preference. Please feel free to browse our available automatic sliding gate opener models to see which will work best for your property. Rest assured that, as premier sliding gate motor suppliers, we are always ready and available to answer any enquiries regarding our products.

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Choosing the Right Motorized Sliding Gate Opener

There are several factors to consider before choosing and installing slide gate openers for a specific property. In order to maximise the efficiency and longevity of your electric sliding gate opener, the following variable must be put into consideration:

Gate Weight and Size

Specific electric sliding gate motors are wholly dependent on the size and weight of the existing gates or gates to be installed. As the gates tend to grow longer and heavier, it only follows that more robust slide gate openers will be required to automate them.

Power Supply

How your electric sliding gate motors draw their power must also be placed into consideration. Especially for remote locations where direct grid hook-up is not the most practical, solar and battery-powered options are available. But even if you decide you power your rural property’s gate with a solar chain drive sliding gate opener, you also need to consider the placement of the panels and the length of sun it gets. Talk to us about integrating your solar gate with a battery backup system.

Opening and Closing Speed

Knowing how quickly you want your gate to open can help you choose the correct sliding security gate system for your home. If the entrance is in a high-risk location, quick entry and exit are essential to avoid leaving yourself, your property, or your car susceptible while opening and closing the gate. If your driveway is located on a busy road, you may require speedy access to avoid causing traffic congestion or tailgate accidents. Choose a gate operator that allows you to control the speed independently. You'll have perfect control in this manner, allowing for a rapid entry followed by a safer and slower exit.

We’re Here to Help

Kode Access has a wide variety of sliding gate motor units, parts and accessories. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any enquiries regarding automating your sliding gates.