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Since most motors are low-voltage, it means that a battery powers them. Depending on the battery capacity, you should have at least a couple of days of no power before the battery runs out entirely. If the battery goes flat, all motors come with a manual release function so you can still open your gate or door.

Gate Motors & Automation

Most existing manual gates can be automated. In some cases, you may need to have some modifications applied to the gate to allow for automation.


We only sell garage door springs to trained Trade Customers. Changing a spring should only be done by qualified professionals. If your garage door spring gets broken, we can connect you with companies to repair this for you.

Trade & Installers

Please get in touch with us so we can arrange for a professional installer or service technician to visit your site.


All newer-generation operating systems have dry contact outputs that allow you to integrate with other devices. We would recommend having a professional come out to look at your specific needs.

Kode Access has 24/12V low-voltage systems available, allowing low-voltage cables to be run from nearby power points. Alternatively, you could organise a qualified electrician to install a 240-point near your gate. If you do not have any power points in the vicinity, such as on a rural property, then a solar power option may be suitable.

Remotes & Accessories

All the remote control codes are stored in the onboard receiver of the operator. It’s recommended that if you lose a remote, delete all the stored codes from the receiver and then recode those you still have. After which, you can purchase a new remote for your operator. 

Please note that the replacement remote should be of the same model. These units are brand and model-specific and not interchangeable in all circumstances. Reach out to us for detailed instructions and remote matching assistance.

Remote operation ranges can vary from site to site, based on several variables. If you are not satisfied with the range you’re getting, contact us for assistance. In some situations, range-extending devices may be available.

In general, manufacturers do not allow other brands to be used on their products. That being said, you can still buy different receivers from the same brands and wire them into other devices so you can use one remote for both.

This has become a popular feature for many new operators. However, this feature is dependent on the manufacturer. Some brands do have this available. Please contact us for more information about your specific system.


Kode has more than 25 years of experience in the Australian gate and garage door automation industry. Our team of experts are more than eager to answer all of your enquiries and support to keep your business running smoothly.